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This Will Raise the Bar in Education

When 10,000 students self-evaluate in randomised tests on fundamental educational concepts, many will find themselves below the average, as in any statistical distribution. It's a disheartening moment for them, but what happens next can shape the future of education.

Striving to reach the average is not a futile endeavour; in fact, it's a catalyst for continuous improvement. As students commit to enhancing their understanding and skills, the average score naturally rises. In the context of basic educational outcomes, this concept becomes a powerful tool for improving the overall quality of education.

As more students aim to meet the newly elevated average, educational standards rise across the board. Teachers, schools, and educational systems push themselves to adapt and enhance their teaching methods and resources. The entire education ecosystem evolves in this cycle of improvement.

By fostering a culture of continuous self-improvement and healthy competition, even in the most fundamental aspects of learning, we can collectively boost the quality of education. Striving for the average may begin as a personal journey, but its impact resonates far beyond the individual student, ultimately benefiting society as a whole.

Measureme™, our Self-Assessment + Randomised Social Audit (SARSA) platform, is a self-improvement engine for society. It is a staircase using which you can only go up, not down. Be it schoolchildren, advanced learners, researchers, or professional communities, Measureme can raise the bar ever so gently and continuously for them, benefitting the whole community and the larger society.



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