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Why You Must Assess Them in the Wild

We want education to play a pivotal role in shaping young minds and preparing them for the dynamic challenges of the real world. To truly equip students for success, it is therefore necessary that educational assessments extend beyond the confines of textbooks and standardised tests. Introducing some level of unpredictability and randomness in the evaluation process may help.

In the journey towards adulthood, individuals face unfamiliar situations and unforeseen obstacles. These real-life scenarios demand adaptability, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking—qualities not solely cultivated through rote learning. Educational evaluations should mirror these experiences as far as possible, enabling students to tackle such challenges.

Randomisation in assessments encourages students to think on their feet, adapt to diverse contexts, and develop the ability to navigate ambiguity. This approach instils resilience and creativity, and prepares them to face the unknown, which are essential attributes for success in a world where change is constant. To foster well-rounded, resourceful individuals, educational assessments must venture into the 'wild,' metaphorically speaking, to nurture these critical life skills alongside academic knowledge.

Measureme™, our Self-Assessment + Randomised Social Audit (SARSA) platform for education, brings randomness into educational assessments. Although it doesn’t literally take students “into the wild” for assessments, Measureme exposes children to new ideas, novel scenarios, mathematical concepts wrapped in practical problems, and many more.

While these curriculum-agnostic assessments act as a real test of children’s learning outcomes, they achieve much more as part of a social audit. This is because an analysis of the data will show how various school types, curricula, and parenting methods differ, if indeed they do differ, in their ability to prepare children for the life ahead. As Measureme™ has its own unique ways to ensure these data are reliable, this will bring transparency and accountability to education.

We believe that apart from being a true aide to a teacher or a parent, what anybody or anything can do most in education is to work towards this goal: to bring transparency and accountability in education. And this is what Measureme™ promises, which will, in turn, foster continuous improvement among students, teachers, and institutions.



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