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Essential Skills to Succeed in Life

At our core, humans desire a satisfying life filled with purpose, happiness, and success. Does an ordinary person need more knowledge than they acquire in school to achieve this? The answer may be a resounding 'no.'

In principle, school education should equip children with a fundamental toolkit of knowledge and skills. It should lay the foundation for essential life skills such as reading, writing, arithmetic, critical thinking, and problem-solving, as these are the building blocks of a successful and fulfilling life. To lead a satisfying life, one doesn't necessarily need to become a polymath or accumulate countless degrees and certifications.

The key lies in providing our children with these essential life skills during the elementary stage of their education. To truly thrive as adults, they simply need to implement the knowledge and skills they gained in school and continue to self-learn and adapt to changing circumstances. This is where Measureme™, our Self-Assessment + Randomised Social Audit (SARSA) platform for education, can help children, parents, and schools.

Measureme™ evaluates individuals on their proficiency in fundamental life skills. This encourages lifelong learning and self-improvement. What the social auditing side of our platform does is show whether our children have learned the essential skills appropriate for their age. Understanding what proportion of its young generation has or has not already acquired these skills is highly advantageous for an education system as this enables it to make the necessary changes to bridge any gaps.



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