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How SARSA Elevates Professional Communities

We propose a revolutionary concept designed to improve learning outcomes in education and drive collective improvement among professionals. We call this method SARSA (Self-Assessment + Randomised Social Audit).

Measureme™, our SARSA platform, administers concise, randomised tests to students. It generates invaluable insights by comparing individual performances against the average for peer groups. By analysing data from thousands of students, it generates comprehensive reports. This improves transparency and fosters a culture of continuous improvement among students, teachers, and schools.

Measureme’s application extends beyond education and promises to elevate various professional communities. Doctors, nurses, law enforcement officers, and other professionals can leverage this tool to self-assess and benchmark themselves against peers, enabling collective improvement in their respective professions. The ethos is simple: as individuals strive for personal growth, the cumulative average elevates, thus nurturing a virtuous cycle of advancement across the entire professional landscape.

This forward-thinking approach not only empowers individuals to track their progress but also fosters a culture of continuous collective improvement. Ultimately, the combined efforts of professionals uplift the quality and efficacy of their respective fields, benefiting society at large.


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