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Social Good Technologies for Individuals and Communities

We work with institutions, nonprofits, and professional communities to build solutions that serve unmet needs of society.

A Novel Approach to Address Essential Societal Needs

We offer social good technology solutions, delivered seamlessly as SaaS web applications and mobile apps. Our solutions address unmet needs of individuals and communities that private businesses hesitate to address due to uncertainty surrounding profitability. We may have a novel approach to meeting this uncertainty challenge.



Measureme® is the first self-assessment + randomised social audit platform for education. Measureme® delivers reliable data and valuable insights about the learning outcomes of schoolchildren and advanced learners. This enhances transparency and accountability within the education system, ultimately benefiting not only students, parents, and schools, but also society at large.


Child-Friendly Assessments

Measureme uses short, simple and randomised tests for assessments. Your child can take them anywhere, anytime and space them out the way they wish.


Reliable Data & Insights

You get highly reliable data and valuable insights from these assessments. They help you make systemic improvements, and devise better educational policies.


Transparency In Education

Reliable data lead to more transparency in education. This enables society to identify the good and the bad in the education system and hold them accountable.


Continuous & Steady Progress

Transparency and accountability foster continuous self-improvement. Students, parents, and institutions begin a journey of steady progress, one simple step at a time.

What Our Customers Say

“I like the concept of self-evaluating and socially auditing the quality of school education. I hope you can further improve the platform by bringing more features. Looking forward to it!”

Teena Basil,

“This is indeed a novel concept, and the pricing is very affordable. If parents and schools can sign up themselves and start using the platform immediately, that would be really nice.”

Shifa Jasir,


“This is a new concept, and the pricing is very affordable. I hope you will add tests using videos in the future. Parents would also like to sign up and start using it immediately. Best wishes!”

Sanitha Dipu,

Measureme Pricing

Our pricing plans are very affordable. We offer different tiers only because some parents cannot make full use of standard subscriptions. If a school or nonprofit wants to work with us for social progress in education, our pricing will not be a barrier.

  • Standard

    Every year
    With a parent login, you can use the platform as much as you want. Also available as a social good.
    Valid for 2 years
    • Parent login with dashboard
    • Reports & visualisations
    • Nearly unlimited use
    • Competitions and prizes
    • Integrity score
    • Many other upcoming benefits
    • Free as a social good
  • Basic

    One yearly assessment and progress report. Free forever as a social good with nonprofits.
    • One yearly assessment
    • One yearly progress report
    • Free as a social good with nonprofits

We Invite Institutions, Nonprofits & Professional Communities to Collaborate with Us on Social Good Projects in Education

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